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Pioneer® Brand Alfalfa

Raise the level of alfalfa yield and quality on every acre. Pioneer® brand varieties are not "one-size-fits-all" products. Growers can choose from varieties with high-yielding, high-quality or winter-hardy options.

Alfalfa Numbering System Example

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Alfalfa Characteristics

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Pioneer® Variety 54B66

Premium Segment
  • Strong yield potential
  • Very good field appearance
  • Very winter-hardy
  • Timely harvests will enhance yield of quality hay


Pioneer® Variety 55V50

Muscle Segment
  • NEW leader variety in the Muscle segment
  • 3% yield advantage over Pioneer variety 55V48
  • High resistance rating to Phytopthora and Aphanomyces races 1 and 2
  • High overall root rot resistance


Pioneer® Variety 54Q14

Quality Segment
  • NEW lodging resistant variety
  • Combines high forage quality with agronomic lodging resistance
  • Improved stand-ability with more upright stems
  • Very good winter hardiness
  • Provides higher yield and improved forage quality over 55V12


Pioneer® Variety 53V52

Muscle Segment
  • Stable high yield and quality
  • Solid variety with dependable forage yield
  • Above average field appearance
  • Very winter hardy

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Pioneer® Variety 55Q27

Quality Segment
  • High forage quality
  • Top quality variety with aggressive regrowth adapted for dairy quality forage production
  • Very good winter-hardiness and excellent disease resistance
  • High suitability for heavy soils where root rots are a concern
  • Holds higher fibre digestibility for a longer period of time, good for an extended harvest window


Alfalfa Seed Treatments and Inoculants

  • Pioneer brand polymer-coated alfalfa seed comes treated with separate layers of Apron XL and Nitragin Gold Rhizobia for the best-in-the-industry rhizobium activity.
  • Pioneer brand polymer-coating is a mineral coating, providing high value in pure live seed with improved seed flowability, plantability, and safety.
  • DuPont Pioneer sacrifices most seed lots in order to keep hard seed amount at 10% or less of finished seed. Higher percent hard seed in some competative seed bags tend to indicate lack of scarification, and may lead to a lengthier stand establishment period.


Pioneer brand alfalfa varieties come in a number of blends depending on varieties. Blends include:

  • 100% Alfalfa, 0% Timothy
  • 90% Alfalfa, 10% Timothy
  • 60% Alfalfa, 40% Timothy