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Northstar Seed Grasses and Other Legumes

Northstar Seed has forage and native grasses available for almost all soil types, conditions and uses.


Variety SpeciesOverview
Clovers Norgold Y.B. Sweet Clover
  • Low coumarin
Y.B. Sweet Clover
  • Mainly for plowdown
Alsike Clover
  • Suited for heavy, low soils
Single Cut Red Clover
  • Replacement for alfalfa on acidic soils
Double Cut Red Clover
  • Longer season areas, higher production
White Dutch Clover
  • Low growing pasture legume
Berseem Clover
  • A fast growing annual
Crimson Clover
  • Will grow on poorer quality soils
Sainfoin, Cicer Milkvetch and Trefoil Leo Birdsfoot Trefoil
  • Non-Bloat legume for pasture
Veldt Cicer Milkvetch
  • Non-Bloat legume for pasture
Oxley 2 Cicer Milkvetch
  • Non-Bloat legume for pasture
Cicer Milkvetch (Bare & Coated)
  • Non-Bloat legume for pasture
AC Mountainview Sainfoin
  • A new multi-cut, non-bloat sainfoin for pasture or hay
  • Dryland non-bloat legume, mainly hay


Variety Species
Bromegrass Carlton Smooth Bromegrass (Coated or Bare)
Cache Brand Meadow Bromegrass (Bare)
Fleet Meadow Bromegrass (Coated or Bare)
AC Knowles Hybrid Bromegrass (Coated)
Orchardgrass Early Arctic (Coated)
Crown Royale (Bare)
High Arctic Brand
Wheatgrass Kirk Crested Wheatgrass
Fairway Crested Wheatgrass
Tall Wheatgrass
Pubescent Wheatgrass
Intermediate Wheatgrass
Slender Wheatgrass
Northern Wheatgrass
Western Wheatgrass
Millet and Foxtails Creeping Foxtail (Coated)
Golden German Millet
Proso Millet
Red Proso Millet
Tall Fescues and Ryegrass Ranchers Brand Tall Fescue
Courtenay Tall Fescue
Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
Creeping Red Fescue
Ranchers Meadow Brome Fescue
Elunaria Annual Ryegrass
Nabucco Italian Ryegrass
Tarandus Italian Ryegrass
Intrada Perennial Ryegrass
Toronto Perennial Ryegrass
Timothy Hay Express Timothy
Ovation Timothy
Victorious Timothy
Sunset Brand Timothy
Misellaneous Grasses Russian Wildrye
Dahurian Wildrye
Palaton Reed Canarygrass (Coated)
Kentucky Bluegrass
Rough Stock Brand (Forage) Kentucky Bluegrass
AC Saltlander Green Wheatgrass
Sorghum Sorghum Sundangrass
Sweet Six BMR Drystalk Sorghum Sudan
GW-400 BMR Forage Sorghum