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Pioneer® Brand Sunflowers

Maximize your investment with Pioneer® brand sunflower hybrids. Our lineup offers you the yield potential and agronomic traits to put the right product on the right acre of your operation.

Sunflower Characteristics

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Pioneer® Variety 63A21

29 Maturity
  • Linoleic
  • Early maturity, short stature hybrid
  • Excellent emergence
  • Very good drydown
  • Shorter plant height


Pioneer® Variety P63ME70

37 Maturity
  • Mid-Oleic / SuSun Oil
  • Built-in tolerance to Express herbicide
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Solid agronomic package


Pioneer® Variety P63ME80

38 Maturity
  • Mid-Oleic / SuSun Oil
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Outstanding oil content
  • Very good stalk and root strength